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    After a long, exhausting walk back to Aspertia, you and Mei went to rest at the Pokemon Center. You both got something to eat and took a short nap, then proceeded to the Aspertia Gym.
    Stopping just before the double doors you turnes to Mei, "Are you ready, or do you want to train some more?"
    "I got it (name)! I'm going to beat Mr. Alder one day! I'm always ready!"
    You smiled, giggling at her eagerness and determination.
    "Alright just be careful okay?"
    She nodded, pushing open the doors and darting inside. See desks spread around the room greatly surprised you. You could have sworn there was a gym located here. But, you soon heard the cries of Pokemon outside probably giving their all for their beloved trainers.
    "Name guess what?" Mei stated looking up at you grinning.
    "I get to battle my teacher here. Hes new but really nice! He doesn't look like it though. Oh, look there he is now!" Mei points to the said teacher waving with her other hand.
    He emerged from behind the door leading to the battle area. Your eyes widened as they focused on his face. It felt like the world around you froze. Your heart pounded like a bass drum as it beat against your rib cage. All you could do was the hug the man erupting in giggles and squeals. "Cheren!!! I haven't seen you in forever!!" You buried your face in his chest as your grin widened.
    He just hugged back smiling softly "Hey (name), haven't seen you in a while."
    "It's been two years genius! Wow you have gotten tall!! You not my little bookworm anymore!! Where are your glasses?!"
    "(name) calm down!" He chuckled. "I still read and plus I'm wearing contacts now."
    "One more thing!"
    "Yes?" He stretched the word obviously annoyed but still kept his composure.
    "Have you asked her yet?" A smirk etched across you face watching his face fade to red. He stood there trying to calm his nerves but let out a quiet "yes"
    "I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!" You threw your arms around your childhood friend once again encasing him in a bone crushing hug.
    "Okay, okay. My turn for the questions... What are you doing here anyways?" He adjusted his shirt, smoothing it out as he looked at you. You just gestured to Mei and she smiled once again.
    "Oh hi there Mei. What do you need?"
    "Im here to challenge you Mr. Cheren!"
    You looked at Cheren as more amusement sparked in your eyes. Small bursts of giggles escaped your lips as you began to laugh. "Mister? Cheren when did you get so old?!"
    "(name)will you shut up?" He said, obviously trying to to smile. He turned his atention back to Mei, "Alright then. You first must train my students. I'm sure you remember when your were learning here. Once you are done you will get to face off against me."
    "Alright!" She saluted then proceeded to run outside.
    Soon after Mei defeated Youngster Pedro and Youngster Serena, Mei then confronted Cheren proudly. He healed her Pokemon then lead her down to the battle area to fight. A referee came out standing in the middle off to the side to announce the rules for the match. "This battle is between Pokemon Trainer Mei and Gym Leader Cheren! Each side will be able to use two Pokemon of their choice. One potion may be permited for the whole battle! So, I would suggest to use it wisely. Noe, without further delay, let the battle begin!!
    Mei stepped forward slinging her arm out releasing her first Pokemon, a Purrloin that she had caught on Route 19. "Go Purrloin!!!"
    Glancing to Cheren's side you saw him take out a Pokeball, enlarging it then tossing it into the air releasing a Patrat. "Alright Patrat! Do your best!"
    In your opinion the battle was a sight to see. You had never seen Mei so serious before. You started to wonder what she would be like during the Pokemon League. Seeing your cousin grow up right before you made your heart swell. You almost felt like a mother... in a way.
    You snapped out of your thoughts realizing that the battle had come to an end. The referee came out raising Mei's hand to the sky declaring "The battle goes to Pokemon Trainer Mei!"
    Cheren returned his pokemon back to it's Pokeball.
    "Congradulations Mei, I now award you the Basic Badge for proof that you have passed this Gym. Next up for you is Roxie in Virbank City. Good Luck"
FINALLY >o< I finished it in class today. OK next we have to get some reader chan and N sama-ness. Back to the first book!! I'm debating on weather I should let Mei travel on her journey alone while You go and do other things. WE NEED DRAMA!!!! What do you think? Drama or go by the book and go through the whole game because N doesn't appear until after you beat the Champion. SORRY I FORGOT SPOILER ALERT!!!! (for those of you who haven't finished the game) Alright that's all. enjoy!!!

Pt. 5: coming soon!!!!!!!! :D
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freedjustinelover Featured By Owner May 20, 2016
Awww so well made you're good at these hehe good luck with part 5 Author~Chan
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Please contune this. I love this story so far.
Harthwing Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nothing like waiting for the next part. Great story by the way. :D
OtakuVigilante257 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015
Awesome story. :)
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Congrattu~ mei, you nailed it!
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part 5 please
BlueWolfhanyou Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
great job so far Im exited for the next chapter~! ^^ also I agree with Deathnoteviolingirl
Deathnoteviolingirl Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Maybe when the story progresses a bit more you can let Mei travel by herself and then you could start adding drama. I'm really loving the story so far! I just read it up until this point to acctually post a comment! I hope you can update soon! (while I sit here and realize I've done absolutely nothing except sleep....I'm surprised that it's 6:30 pm already O.O)
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