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---My city was being taken over. Everything around me was changing too quickly. I saw the sky blue eyes of the man I now hated that rooted down to my soul. How he had betrayed me so, I'll never understand. We used to love each other unconditionally. He would tell me how deep rooted his love for me was in his native tongue. He would make me laugh. But now I'm left here alone, down on my knees in front of the Eiffel Tower. Hot tears stained my face. He didn't even apologize. He only stood before me staring back at me holding a gun to his side. He looked to his leader and left me there, heart broken.
"LUDWIG PLEASE!!!"I reached out to him hoping he would hear my cries. I stood, running after him but he was lost with in the thick crown of chaos. My army was out numbered and was starting to retreat to the Spanish border for help.  I whipped my head towards my brother for guidance, anything. He adjusted the cloak on his shoulders and looked back at me. He eyes held the same betrayal that mine did. His cobalt pools held emptiness as he looked around the usually lively city that was now flooded with crazy Germans. Francis walked over to me. "(Name) I must send you to Arthur's house." He brushes a stray strand of hair away from my face, "Je suis désolé"---

     I remember that day way too clearly. Staring out of the window in my room I watched the time pass by with each slow tick of the clock. There was a soft know on my door.
"Come in."
A blonde man stepped into sight smoothing out his sweater vest and clearing his through. "(Name) you have been up in this stuffy room all day. Is there something troubling you?" He spoke, his English accent was strong.
"Non Arthur." My gaze remained on the window pane before me. The man sighed an stepped closer to me.
"(Name) if this is about Lu-"
I spun around glaring daggers at the man. "Why do you always have to bring him up? There is nothing between us! I have no remaining feelings for a traitor!" I brought my voice down to barely a whisper "When will this war end? And you, you're sitting back doing absolutely nothing while Alfred is out there risking his country's people. You could be with him, by his side. But your sitting here protecting me! I'm just a city."
His eyes widened with realization hitting him square in the chest.
"Can you at least help him, and the rest of the allies if not for Al, for me?"
A small saddened smile graced his face, "Alright I will." He cupped my cheek and lightly kissed my forehead. "I'll be back, Love"

"Love...." I echoed the word, feeling heat spread across my face.
Fight For Me (England x Reader)
I have no idea what just happened O.o This went from a 2P!Germany X Reader series where he helps you after the war to a Italy x Reader to finally a. England x Reader.....

This is loosely based on WW2 LOOSELY so don't kill me. XD
Yep you guys read right. Im going to abandon it. If you want to tee story in your own hands Please sent me a note. I am going to give it tosome else. :3 I thought I should at least do that. So let me know if you want to take on job.
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Hello everyone This is my third Open Request Pack!
Im going to do things a little bit differently thi time :3

ok here we go!

-Uta No Prince Sama
-Pokemon (all generations, all trainer classes and any pkm x human or pkm x reader is aceptable. With pkm x reader you need to specify wat kind of relationship you have)
-Princess Jellyfish
-My Brid is a Mermaid (Mermaid or human please specify)
-Minecraft (ya know minus well cover it XD if you are a human or Human/Mob please specify)
-Death Note
-FREE (*caugh*50% off*caough*) Iwatobi Swim Club

Alright I think that covers all of the fandoms im in
I accept yuri and yaoi so dont worry just no Lemons/Limes this time. I'm a little tired of those because everybody requests those from me. So last this is just fill out this part and you'll be on your way to a fit of squeals and giggles. XD

pick one: Yuri     Yaoi     Hetero
Who x Who: (no o.c please :( I feel that it takes awy from the reader and I want other readers to imagine themselves but shipping are cool for example: USUK or NaruHina)
Plot: (just  a little description here lol

Sorry if I seem a little picky this time. I may seem like a pain in the arse but i will get your fanfictions to you. So just let me know what you want! Bye guys. Thanks for sticking around with me!
Requets 3
:3 I look forward to writing out your deepest dreams and hopes for the future. Because here we are the reasn why the world can keep a few nice things XD
    She stared into his deep cobalt eyes. His chest slowly rose and fell. He blinked focusing on her features. Her messy brown hair had wriggled free rom the hair tie that she used to tame it. Amethyst eyes stared back while taking in the calm surroundings. He pulled her close to him whispering a "Good Morning." She hummeda response seeing that her face was buried in his chest. Scarlet dusted her cheek looking up at the man infront of her. The morning was calm, which is a liitle unusual for the couple. Usually Rose would awake to the flash of Kouta's camerah. She would blush furiously and would try and force him to delete the photo with fits of laughter escaping her lips. Kouta would udually make up an excuse that she was adorable and he loved how peaceful she would look in her slumber.
    Rose giggled at the thought and softly voiced "No pictures this morning?"
    "No." His eyes shifted towards the eastern window watching the sun slowly ascend into the sky.
    Rose then smirked and rose to leave the confort of the bed she was laying apon. She entered her closet nd shut the door behind her. Kouta followed the girl with his eyes wondering what she was doing.
    "Kouta?" She questioned from the closet, "Remember in school when everyone said we had a photo relationvship?" Kouta's eyes widened hearing those words while letting the memories flood into his brain "Yes... Why?"
    The door to the closet opened revealing Rose in a hoddie that was a little too long for her. The hood was draped over her head and the tail bottom of the shirt barely covered her butt. Kouta blinked. He was paralized to the spot on the bed which he sat. "Rose... What are you doing?" She laughed amuesemeny flooding her eyes.
   "I'm letting that statement stay true and a little bit more if you let me."
    "A little bit more..." Kouta echoed. "What is that supposed to mean?"
    She shook her head as she walked over to him. Rose picked up Kouta's camerah from the nightstand and gently out it within his hands. He looked up at her as she began to pose for him. Kouta's eyes sparkled at he slowy broke away from his shell and started clicking away. It was a little rare for her to let him take as many pictures as he pleased. Picture after picture was taken until Rose had lost her balance. She clutched onto Kouta to try and steady herself but ened up bringing him down with her. (I'm sorry gatta get cliche here XD) Rose ended up ontop of him, with their faces only inches apart. Kouta imediatly kissed her hugging her close to his body. "Why did you do that?" He asked after ending the kiss.
    "Well I give you hell every morning whe you take pictures of me so I thought I should make it up to you."
    Kouta thought for a second  and started to unzip her jacket that she was wearing. He lowered his mouth to her neck giving her skin soft kisses. Rose shivered blinking a couple of times. She soon stopped his hand staring at him wide eyed. "What are you doing?" While he was distracted she quickly zipped her jacket back up fully.
    "Well you said you wanted to make it up" He smirked at her watching emotions flood over her face.
    "When I said that I ment just now! I let you take-" She puffed her cheeks in annoyance stopping herself from talking. "You're a freking pervert you know that.
    "Well they didnt call me the Ninja Perv for nothing you know." He whispered smirking darker while kissing her on the lips once more.
Photo Shoot (Kouta X O.C) REQUEST
This is a request. Hope you enjoy :3
O.C Name is Rose who was in class C
Request from CreativLiz
Yep you guys read right. Im going to abandon it. If you want to tee story in your own hands Please sent me a note. I am going to give it tosome else. :3 I thought I should at least do that. So let me know if you want to take on job.
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